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Jill Biden’s Ex Blows The Whistle On How She Met Joe

Could it be that one of the great romance stories of this year’s presidential election is all made up? Could it be that Joe and Jill Biden actually met long before their supposed blind date in 1975?

According to Mrs. Biden’s first husband, the answer is yes.

Bill Stevenson was married to Jill Biden at the time of Crazy Uncle Joe’s first run for Senate out of Delaware in 1972. She volunteered for his campaign, and not long after that, Joe’s first wife and infant daughter were killed in an automobile accident.

In the next couple of years, something developed between them, and Stevenson was not the only one to notice.

“I know exactly when it was,” he told the Daily Mail. “Bruce Springsteen was going to play at The Stone Balloon [in 1974] and I had to go to Northern New Jersey to pay him in advance.

“’I asked Jill to go with me and she said no — she had things to do, she had to look after Joe’s kids, Beau and Hunter. It was kind of a big deal to go meet Springsteen,” he continued. “I had no idea she and Joe were that kind of friendly.

“Then one of her best friends told me she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close. I was surprised that she came to me.”

But that wasn’t all. It seems that the car accident theme runs in the Biden family. Jill just happened to be in the car when Joe wrecked his Corvette.

“I was at work and a guy came in and asked, ‘Do you own a brown Corvette?’” Stevenson recalled. “He said back in May it had crunched his bumper and they told him to get an estimate and he never heard back from them.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute. Who is they?’ And he said, ‘Funnily enough, Senator Biden was driving.’”

According to Joe and Jill, they met on a blind date in 1975.

If they’re lying about that, what else are they lying about?

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