Joe Biden Takes His Mythical Win To The Next Level

For about five or six weeks now, since the presidential election and all of the vote-counting fiascoes that the people really did see, the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket has been claiming victory after the mainstream media crowned them the winners.

This fantasy is so engrained with these people that the Biden camp has been busy forming not just a transition team, but a proposed cabinet, and demanding that the Trump administration accept that they will be out of power come January. So far, though, the Trump Department of Defense, anyway, has refused to play along and will not meet with anyone from the Biden camp.

On Monday, the Biden people got a jolt toward victory, they believe, when the states’ electors met to vote. Truthfully, the vote totals are sealed and will be sent to Congress. At the same time, in states which are still contested, Republicans sent an alternate slate of electors to vote, thus officially making the overall election contested.

Not that anyone who has been following the goings-on believes otherwise.

And, just like clockwork, after the last state’s slate of electors voted, former Vice President Joe Biden “addressed the nation” or at least those who were not intimately involved in something else (that would be most of us) to take a victory lap and demand that President Donald Trump concedes – on the very day that one of the forensic examinations of contested voting machines came out only to disclose that none of the ones check were reliable in any way other than to change votes.

“Respecting the will of the people is at the heart of our democracy even when we find those results hard to accept,” Biden said. “But that’s the obligation of those who have taken on a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.”

“In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed … faith in our institutions held and the integrity of our elections remained intact,” he continued. “And now it’s time to turn the page as we’ve done throughout our history, to unite and to heal.”

Oh, that’s rich coming from a man who “served” this REPUBLIC for almost five decades, and who couldn’t fill a doctor’s waiting room for campaign events when President Trump had people lining up two days in advance to attend his.

Give it up, Joe. For the sake of the soul of the nation. You and the fake news are not fooling us anymore.

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