Joe Manchin Upsets Democrats Again!

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is a quixotic figure. He’s not reliable as either a Democrat or a wannabe Republican, but he will take a road not well traveled.

Recently, Manchin defended a Republican colleague from wrongful attacks from a member of his own party and then endorsed him.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin endorsed Republican Rep. David McKinley in West Virginia, defending him against accusations that he supported President Biden’s Build Back Better social spending package that Manchin blocked.

Rep. Alex Mooney, who is endorsed by President Donald Trump, has accused McKinley of effectively laying the foundation for Build Back Better when he voted to approve the $1.2 billion infrastructure bill that provided funds for roads, bridges, airports and broadband.

“I’ve always said if I can’t go home and explain it, I can’t vote for it. And that’s why I opposed Build Back Better​,” ​Manchin says in the 30-second ad released over the weekend before the May 10 primary election.

”​For Alex Mooney and his out-of-state supporters to suggest David McKinley supported Build Back Better is an outright lie,” ​the senator continued.​

Out of state supporters are one of the biggest secrets in politics. They seek to get people elected for their agendas, not those of the states the representatives really are elected to serve.

Manchin said McKinley has “always opposed reckless spending” that doesn’t benefit the state, while ​”Alex Mooney has proven he’s all about Alex Mooney. But West Virginians know David McKinley is all about us​.” ​

The objective here seems to be blocking the Biden camp’s “Build Back Better” fiasco that is not building and not making a darn thing better. All three of the gentlemen voted against it.

Mooney said in a Twitter posting that Manchin’s endorsement of his opponent is “further proof David McKinley is a complete and total RINO.”

And so election season is upon us. The name calling has started already.

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W. by God Va.
W. by God Va.
May 4, 2022 7:16 am

McKinley (the RINO) and Mooney (the carpetbagger) both suck as representatives. WV is one of the country’s most conservative states but consistently sends Establishment hacks to DC.