Judge Bans MSNBC From Courthouse

Judge Bans MSNBC From Courthouse

Live from Kenosha, Wisconsin, the people of America are getting a good look at the way trials are not supposed to happen. In a sane world, the case of the people of Wisconsin vs. Kyle Rittenhouse never would have seen the inside of a courtroom. From what informed people of America have seen, the young man acted in self-defense.

In this country, that is absolutely legal.

However, the case made it to trial, and the prosecutors consistently stamped on Rittenhouse’s rights, and in final arguments committed a felony when pointing a firearm – loaded or not – at the jury. Why the man who did that was not arrested on the spot is a mystery to court watchers across America.

But that is not the last of the issues in Kenosha. Black Lives Matter activists have made their way to the town, and pallets of bricks have been spotted in strategic locations. Jurors have not been sequestered, and the reports from Wisconsin say that there are at least two in fear for their lives.

And then on Wednesday night, a reporter from MSNBC followed the van delivering jurors home.

[Judge Bruce] Schroeder said a car driven by James Morrison, who identified himself as an employee of MSNBC, was stopped by police after allegedly violating a traffic control signal. He had been driving about a block behind the van that transports the jurors from the courthouse.

Schroeder said Morrison was under the supervision of a manager at NBC News in New York who allegedly asked him to follow the jurors.

A person familiar with Morrison’s employment status who is not authorized to comment publicly said Morrison works for MSNBC as a freelance booker.

Schroeder called it a “very serious matter” and said that it will be “referred to upper authorities for further action.”

For his part, the judge took his own action and banned MSNBC.

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