Judge Explodes When Defense Attorney Invokes Race As Defense

Judge Explodes When Defense Attorney Invokes Race As Defense

For decades now, one of the crutches used by blacks in the United States has been the color of their skin. Not all blacks, by any means, claim that they are pursued or persecuted because of it, but when it comes to the criminal class, many do use race as a defense of sorts.

What makes the practice worse is that white lawyers are willing to use this excuse as a way to get their clients out of a jam.

That happened in an American courtroom recently when a defense attorney claimed that his client was being chased by police because he was black.

The judge hearing the argument told the defense attorney to stuff it.

“Don’t give me that. Don’t even go down that road. I’m not going to let you go down that road. That is so off base. We’ve got a young man, I don’t care what color he is, he’s in a neighborhood he doesn’t live in at one forty-one in the morning, hiding under somebody’s dock in the water with a holster. A police officer had a shot taken at him. [finger waves] Don’t hand me this, He’s a black man running from police brutality.

“Look, that is not appropriate in this case. I’m not going to let you poison this case by bringing in something that has nothing to do with it. Your bond is a hundred thousand dollars on count three, and a hundred thousand dollars on count four.”

Sooner or later it was bound to happen that a judge would tell off an attorney trying to breeze past the details of a case when the color of skin comes up. This particular judge gave enough details in his diatribe that it was clear the perpetrator had no business being where he was and the police had every right to question his presence there.

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