Judge Finally Intervenes in 9-Year-Old Abuse Case

On Wednesday, a Texas judge decided to #StandWithSophie, Sophie Long of Frisco, Texas, after an emergency hearing.

Sophie’s plight – she claims to have suffered abuse at her mother’s residence in multiple forms including being groomed sexually – came to the public’s attention via a GoFundMe campaign posted by her stepmother.

“Sophie, 9 years old, has disclosed she has been continuously subjected to domestic violence, sexual grooming, and most recently molestation/rape in her primary residence,” the GoFundMe page read. “Her father is fighting for her life while her abusers pull every resource to get their hands back on her.”

Sophie’s parents live hours apart, and she and her two brothers have been passed between them for some time. Over the summer, however, Sophie reported to her father and step-mother the abuse which was reported to authorities. The girl refused to leave her father’s vehicle during a custody exchange with the mother. The moment was caught on video and the exchange of the young girl taking a stand went viral.

A judge in Texas ordered the three children to live with their father permanently, erring on the side of caution.

Unfortunately, cases like Sophie’s are not uncommon. There are some really sick people in this world who will abuse and pimp out their own children for the money. And there are always adults willing to pay for the services of children who are sold into child trafficking or outright kidnapped for the underground industry. In the last few weeks, U.S. Marshals have rescued hundreds of such victims in the United States, a feat very much ignored by the mainstream media and thus a good percentage of the public.

Sophie Long is a very lucky girl. Her father and step-mother care enough for her and her brothers to rescue them from that fate. Not all exploited children have that.

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