Judge In Illinois Reverses Rape Sentence

Judge In Illinois Reverses Rape Sentence, Devastates Victim

Something is really wrong with the American judicial system when a judge can unilaterally commute a sentence for violent crime based on nothing more than personal judgment.

That’s what appeared to happen in Adams County Illinois when Judge Robert Adrian decided that an eighteen-year-old rapist had served plenty of time in jail given the crime.

“Mr. Clinton has served almost five months in the county jail, 148 days,” Adrian said, according to a court transcript obtained by the newspaper.

“For what happened in this case, that is plenty of punishment. That would be a just sentence.”

Clinton was convicted of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at a graduation party last May.

One hundred and forty-eight days in jail – not prison, jail – is all the correction the man needs?

Well, what did he do that wasn’t all that bad in the opinion of the judge.

Following Adrian’s ruling, the distraught victim went public with her story — recounting the sexual assault to reporters and detailing her emotional reaction when she learned Adrian was set free.

“I woke up at my friend’s place with a pillow over my face so I couldn’t be heard and Drew Clinton inside of me,” said Cameron Vaughan, WGEM reported.

“I asked him to stop multiple times and he wouldn’t. I finally got off the couch and pushed him off of me and he jumped up and just started playing video games as if nothing had happened,” she said.

Vaughan said she “immediately” left the courtroom and cried in the bathroom after learning Clinton’s conviction was tossed.

There was no consent, obviously, and the victim is a minor, which is statutory rape in almost all law books.

What is going on?

The Quincy Area Network Against Domestic Abuse on Tuesday blasted the judge’s decision.

“The verdict and Adrian’s comments send a chilling message to other rape victims that their behavior, not the rapists’, will be judged,” the group said in a statement to WGEM.

“Shame the victims, free the rapists. This judgment reinforces the fact that standards for women have always been impossibly high while they are impossibly low for men.”

It is simply not right to let such crime slide.

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January 14, 2022 9:33 am

There are no words that can expiate this judges actions. What is this judge hiding?

KS Man
KS Man
January 14, 2022 12:17 pm

What is that old saying? Oh, yeah, “The fix is in.”

January 19, 2022 2:35 pm

Liberal justice on full display, and it’s not a pretty picture. I’m sure the females that work with or around him feel, feel so giddy and joyed he’s on the bench…