Trump Taxes

Judge Takes Action Against President Trump

Looks like the people who want President Donald Trump out of office will do absolutely anything to make it happen.

One of the drumbeats coming from his opposition since he announced his candidacy for the presidency has been the demand for his tax returns, which, according to his son Donald, Jr., are mammoth documents produced by teams of accountants and tax lawyers. In the hands of the general public, and the mainstream media, they could be (and undoubtedly would be) misinterpreted.

In order to get those tax returns, which are usually considered a private business for non-public servant type individuals, those seeking to halt the Trump Train went their favorite route and sued the president to get them in Manhattan, where the courts are not known to be conservative in the slightest. A grand jury subpoenaed the president for the filings’ production in court.

Twice, now, the president and his lawyers have requested that the documents in question – eight years worth of them from before President Trump ran for office – and for the second time, the judge in the case has dismissed the request stating that the tax filings must be made public.

“Justice requires an end to this controversy,” Marrero wrote in his 103-page ruling…

Marrero said the claims Mr. Trump raised in his second complaint “would prolong the president’s noncompliance with the grand jury’s demand for the documents in dispute” and potentially allow the statute of limitations to run out, protecting Mr. Trump from scrutiny.

“At its core, it amounts to absolute immunity through a back door, an entry point through which not only a President but also potentially other persons and entities, public and private, could effectively gain cover from judicial process,” he wrote.

Considering the charge in question was trumped up, to begin with, no pun intended, how just is it for a man to be forced to air his personal business in public if the documents have already been audited by the government body charged with accepting them?

You can’t make this stuff up.

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