Kabul Explodes Prompting Shooting At Airport

Kabul Explodes Prompting Shooting At Airport

The visual images coming from Kabul in Afghanistan are riveting. Young men of fighting age sitting in the presidential palace and chasing airplanes down the runway, hanging on jetways, and more. No women and children are visible in the shots. They are the ones who would be left behind as the young men of the country are reportedly trying to flee it as American forces are pulling out of the biggest tar baby, Military Industrial Complex money pit the U.S. has fought yet.

For some reason, it looks like these young men don’t want American troops to go. Either that or they are trying to hitch a ride courtesy of Uncle Sam. The U.S. Military has control of the airport while they try to clear the ground of these young men, it is reported.

“The US military has suspended air operations at the Kabul airport while troops try to clear the airfield of Afghans who flooded the tarmac, per [CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr]. Biden’s national security advisers have made clear this a.m. they don’t consider the airport secure right now,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tweeted on Monday morning.

In the meantime, the close quarters of these young men and American troops with rifles have resulted in a shooting incident.

“U.S. troops shot and killed two armed men at Kabul’s international airport, according to a U.S. official. The armed men, who numbered at least two, approached U.S. troops deployed to the airport to provide security and assist Americans and other individuals in a safe departure from Afghanistan, the official said. Few details were available about how things transpired between the U.S. troops and the armed men, who weren’t identified,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

As the situation in Afghanistan evolves, women and children, it seems, will be left behind at the mercy of some of the most fanatical terrorists on the planet.

And the U.S. will not be around to intervene.

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Gerald S Ladd
August 16, 2021 4:42 pm

They don’t want to die there, because of drooling Joe’s fuckup.

August 16, 2021 5:44 pm

It’s a well known fact that in that part of the world Muslims put little to no value on the lives of their women and children. They are treated objects. Their men are cowards for leaving their families behind. I realize that not all Muslim men feel that way about their women and children but from what I’ve read and heard that is normal for them. We should have gotten Bin Laden under the Clinton admin but he was too busy playing golf and getting blown by interns to bother. Now, Afghanistan should be reduced to a nuclear fallout wasteland.… Read more »