Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama

Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama, More Mama With Shocking Departure Statement

If President Trump has had one true loyal supporter from day one it has been Kellyanne Conway but as the saying goes… All good things must come to an end…

In a shocking statement late Sunday evening Kellyanne Conway, the woman who led the Trump campaign to what the entire nation thought an impossible victory, announced that she will be departing the White House at the end of August.

Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama

Kellyanne’s asshole (oops) husband, George Conway, who is known for his radical anti-Trump Lincoln Project also simultaneously announced that he would be withdrawing from his activities with the Lincoln Project and taking a Twitter hiatus…

Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama

Both George and Kellyanne indicated they were withdrawing from their public lives to focus on family matters… Most of America, especially those of us who are married, are surprised these two have managed to remain married, to begin with given their radical outspoken opposing political views.

This announcement from the Conway’s comes just one day after their oldest teenage daughter Claudia Conway announced on Twitter that she was officially pushing for emancipation.

Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama

The Conway’s have four kids in or near their teens with the oldest Claudia being 15 going on 40. Claudia Conway seems to have inherited the worst qualities from bother of her parents rebelling against them both almost entirely… Her Twitter feed expresses a clear loony liberal position with great admiration for AOC… She openly admits that she agrees with her mother on nothing and the only thing she and her father have in common is their hatred for President Trump…

Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama

Those of us who have raised teenage daughters can appreciate what Kellyanne and her husband are facing… Regardless of how you feel about either of the parents…

Just to be clear, I can’t stand George Conway and wouldn’t blame (or be surprised) Kellyanne if she pulled a Lorana Bobbit and tossed George-and his junk-along the side of the interstate late one night…

Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama

As I was saying though, politics aside and having raised two teenage daughters (thank God that’s behind me. LOL) I appreciate that they are both willing to place the welfare of their children above their career and political sentiments. As any parent will notice from their oldest daughter’s Twitter feed, her parent’s professional lives are clearly having a negative impact on the child’s mental and emotional health and as parents, they have an obligation to their children that far exceeds anything else.

President Trump has had a difficult time finding people who are truly loyal and trustworthy to serve in his Administration… Kellyanne has been one of the few to possess and display those qualities so there is no doubt she will be a great lass to his administration and the country…

Her professional sacrifice and commitment to her family will hopefully impress upon others the importance of prioritizing family, especially where children are concerned, over a job… They can pursue their egos and professional career goals after their children are grown and venture into the world on their own…

Kellyanne Conway Says Less Drama

Careers can be changed and professional goals reestablished but parents only get one chance for a limited period of time to instill sound moral values that will equip their children with a happy and healthy mindset necessary to build their own loving relationships as adults and one day raise their own families…

When people fail as parents the world ends up with a bunch of jackasses building organizations like the Lincon Project, Black Lives Matter, and the Clinton Foundation…

Much respect to the Conway’s for at least being willing to make the sacrifice necessary to put forth the effort… I wish them all the best and hope their children grow into healthy, happy, mentally stable REPUBLICANS! LOL

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If I Were Kellyanne Conway I Would:

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