Latest Disgrace To America Comes From Unexpected Source

I guess you never know who will betray the country in these days of declining moral values.

The most recent scum bag to disappoint is an active duty Air Force Staff Sergeant of all things who is responsible for the death of two law enforcement officers and the injuring of several others he failed to kill but not for the lack of trying.

Over the period of eight days 32-year-old Air Force SSGT Steven Carrillo shot and killed 53-year-old Federal Police Officer David Patrick Underwood while he was guarding a federal building in Oakland, California in the early days of the George Floyd riots. He later ambushed and killed a California Sheriff’s Deputy wounding four others in the process.

SSGT Carrillo was a “Phoenix Raven Team Leader,” an elite Air Force security force stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Oakland, California.

SSGT Carrillo is said to of had no disciplinary actions against him but as with all these cases there were apparently plenty of warning signs and he was said to be a supporter of the “Boogaloo” movement often attributed to the extreme right wing. The Boogaloo movement gets its name from the 1984 break dance movie “Breakin” 2: Electric Boogaloo and the title is said to be code for a second civil war.

After killing the sheriff’s deputy SSGt Carrillo painted “boog” along with “I became unreasonable” and “Stop the Duopoly” on the hood of the deputy’s patrol car with the deputy’s blood.

SSGT Carrillo was apprehended after police received a top about a man driving a white van with guns and explosives. When they arrived at his house Carrillo ambushed them opening fire with an AR15 and tossing pipe bombs at them. When SSGT Carrillo tried to escape a neighbor tackled him in his backyard as he was trying to steal his car to escape the police.

It boggles the mind why people do not take warning signs more serious when someone exhibits signs of instability. It can be difficult at times because you can’t lock someone up for “thinking” they are crazy or a threat, but we can damn sure make sure the resources are available and that adequate attention is given to watching them…

This dirtbag is a perfect candidate for utilizing the federal death penalty… A military firing squad would be quite appropriate for this scum…

Let us know what you think in the comment section… Do you think he should get the death penalty?

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