Lawsuits Prove Daunte Wright Was No Saint

Lawsuits Prove Daunte Wright Was No Saint

For quite a while now, any time a black suspect is shot and killed by a police officer, the headlines make out the perp to be just short of a saint, emphasizing the positives of the person’s life, and next to nothing about any sort of self-imposed negativity.

Almost in every case, eventually, information comes to light that refutes sainthood status. In the case of Daunte Wright in Minnesota, it turns out he was involved in multiple felonies prior to being shot by an officer who grabbed her 9mm Glock rather than her taser.

As it happens, Wright’s estate is being sued for damages related to his previous offenses.

The latest lawsuit was filed on Tuesday and alleges that Wright was one of two men involved in a carjacking on March 21 that left the victim, Joshua Hodges, with a gunshot wound to his leg.

Hodges allegedly recognized Wright because they had gone to the same middle school.

According to the lawsuit, Wright and the other man approached Hodges while he was sitting in his car.

The other man opened his car door and shot Hodges in the leg. Wright then leaned in and allegedly assaulted him before stealing the victim’s wallet and cellphone. Wright allegedly then also stole the victim’s car.

The lawsuit says Hodges spent two weeks in hospital recovering from his gunshot wound injuries.

The second lawsuit, which was filed last month, relates to the shooting of Caleb Livingston back in May 2019.

It alleges that Wright shot the then-teenager in the head and left him permanently disabled.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Livingston’s mother, Jennifer LeMay, who claims her son, who is now 18, was once friends with Wright.

The lawsuit alleges the pair had a ‘falling out’ that came to a head after her son beat up Wright in front of a group. Wright allegedly retaliated by shooting Livingston outside a gas station in Minneapolis.

The shooting is still an open investigation and no one has been charged.

While no one has been charged, Wright was implicated. He was no saint, and it is a disservice to present him as being such.

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