Liberal Loon Slammed Hard

Liberal Loon Slammed Hard After Releasing Unpopular Video

There really is a cost to fame. And in the case of one internet influencer who made a sensation of herself in 2020, that cost might well be her title of “influencer” on social media channels.

Nicole Sanchez, known online as Neekolul, became an internet sensation last March with a TikTok video of her dancing to an “OK Boomer” tune while wearing a blue Bernie Sanders T-shirt.

The clip caught the eyes of at least 50 million viewers — and quickly turned the 23-year-old into a social media force.

Sanchez went viral again this March when she recreated the “OK Boomer” dance while wearing a “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt made by Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign — which is sold on the congresswoman’s official online store for $58…

But Sanchez has now caught the ire of the internet after she shared a video of herself Tuesday giving a tour of her $2 million new digs in Dallas — where the young influencer shows fans her “fancy” wine fridge, a Nespresso machine despite not being a coffee drinker, and a kitchen boasting “Martha Stewart vibes.”

She also took viewers on a tour of her “east wing,” a laundry room, a master bedroom with views of the city’s skyline, and a large walk-in closet.

Having a Martha Stewart sort of kitchen doesn’t mean she cooks, either.

Who does things like this, giving a guided tour of their apartment or condo showing off gadgets and features that just aren’t used to people who may not be able to afford a car payment or mortgage?

Americans can spot a show off with hypocritical tendencies a mile away.

Many viewers were quick to blast her as a hypocrite — pointing out that her newfound wealth doesn’t jive with her support of Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders, who are both known for their progressive agendas.

“I thought you were a Bernie supporter?” one critic charged. “Tax the rich, distribute the wealth? Everyone lives equally?”

“They’re always socialist until it’s their money and not someone else’s,” another comment read.

Some also noted that the apparent online flex wasn’t the only time Sanchez appeared to flaunt her wealth, noting a photo she posted in late May showed her splaying atop a pricey BMW.

“[It’s] still eat the rich tho right?” another critic tweeted.

“Must be nice profiting off of capitalism that you fought so hard against,” read another tweet.

And so, We the people let Sanchez have it.

Hopefully, she gets the message. Probably not, though.

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