Liberal Media Already Crediting

Liberal Media Already Crediting Biden For False Milestones

For many of the people in America, the special treatment and acknowledgment that members of the LGBTQ lobby get are a bit nauseating. After all, other than their sexual orientation which may or may not be a congenital thing, the truth is that they really are no different from the rest of us. Some are great people to be around. Some are great bosses. Some are artists. All, though, are just as human and American as the rest of us.

This is why it is most sickening any time a public figure comes out as same-sex attracted or some other deviation from the natural norm, and that person becomes the object of adulation simply due to that aspect of their public persona.

More and more, though, there are people in the public eye, many doing great service for the nation both in official and voluntary capacities who claim to be same-sex attracted.

One such person is Rick Grenell. As of this writing, Mr. Grenell is the acting Director of National Intelligence, a cabinet-level position. His post in the cabinet of President Donald Trump follows a stint as Ambassador to Germany, and the revelation that he does not have a wife, but a male domestic partner.

Mr. Grenell is a stalwart patriot and an outstanding member of President Trump’s team.

And the mainstream media ignores that. In addition, the media is making claims that former Vice President Biden, if actually pulls out a victory in the 2020 presidential election which has yet to be certified and the Electoral College seated, will nominate the first cabinet member who is a homosexual.

That, in and of itself, is rewriting history, just the way the Democrats have been doing for a while now. Any inconvenient history which is not just recorded, but front and center – say…no Democrats voted to free slaves in Congress – is essentially being erased and rewritten, just like not giving President Trump any credit for a claim they want to be able to make.

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