Lin Wood Rips Chief Justice Roberts Wide Open In Revealing Twitter Rant!

In the battle of information regarding who is the deep state, who isn’t, and what the sins of the accused seem to be, the social media platform Twitter seems to be the battleground.

Those who hang out in that forum of sorts are long accustomed to President Donald Trump making bold claims about adversaries and praising those who are on his side. However, before the 2020 election aftermath, few lawyers took to the medium to make allegations against government officials and judges.

This week, Attorney Lin Wood did just that and he accused the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of essentially being a swamp creature in a series of tweets that went viral among conservatives who have not been fans of Justice Roberts since the ObamaCare decision some years back.

Were the words that kicked off the tirade of accusations that include the now-familiar entries in the infamous Jeffrey Epstein pedo island flight logs that just say “John Roberts” with no other qualifier, a handful of phone calls between Roberts and the Hillary camp before the 2017 inauguration and one with Justice Stephen Breyer discussing how to keep President Trump from being re-elected.

Seeing as how any lawyer worth his salt does not make statements or accusations without proof of them before publishing the thought, Lin Wood, it seems, has the goods on Chief Justice John Roberts.

This tweetstorm just happened to be posted the same day that a rumor circulated regarding a shouting match between Roberts, and Justice Neil Gorsuch, but that account has been disputed with a claim that the full nine-member panel has not met privately since March.

Whatever the real truth is, Mr. Wood carried his rants into Friday where he continued to lay out Democrat, Georgia politics, and SCOTUS corruption for his followers.

Stay tuned folks. It looks like things are heating up.

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