Long Time Election Expert Behind Massive Mess In Wisconsin Voting

Long Time Election Expert Behind Massive Mess In Wisconsin Voting

One would think that when an American dies, and the death is registered with local authorities, one of the first moves would be to remove that person’s name from the voter rolls.

Not so.

In fact with the databases and software used to keep track of active voters, little effort is made to do any such thing. That is the gist of a story coming together out of Wisconsin where there are many more registered voters than people living in the state.

WEC admits they have 7.1 million in the database but only 3.68 million are eligible to vote. WEC (and Whitt) kept everything in one database. Even dead voters are not separated out. County clerks showed only 2 clicks can make voters active again. Other investigations show data missing in required fields, thousands of identical 1918 birth dates, illegible text entries, missing last names or addresses, up to 25 Voter ID’s for one registration, and other inexcusable issues. Charging $13,500 for voter data helped hide these atrocities.

The person who allowed all of this to go on in Wisconsin is Sarah Whitt. Who is Sarah Whitt?

Long Time Election Expert Behind Massive Mess In Wisconsin Voting

Whitt is a highly skilled election data specialist. She’s been involved in very important election projects in WI and nationwide. In fact, she was so important that WEC Administrator Meagan Wolf penned a letter announcing Whitt’s departure. Wolf says “Sarah will continue working with Wisconsin both in her new role with ERIC and on special projects with WEC.” You read that correctly. Whitt is now employed by the ERIC non-profit that helps clean voter rolls. She will also work for WEC. She’s also working with Michigan elections.

In May of 2019, Sarah Whitt became the 3rd paid employee of ERIC and their “Systems and Data Specialist”. The other 36+ people associated with ERIC are Board members, directors, and advisors. Working as a remote employee from Madison, Whitt now had access to ERIC’s 350 million records and the “Senzing” software they use to scrub that data. However, a massive 957,000 individuals registered to vote in Wisconsin from 1/1 to 11/3 of 2020. Not one ERIC report was processed during all of 2020 to help clean these registrations.

Long Time Election Expert Behind Massive Mess In Wisconsin Voting

So, when we joke about the dead voting in the USA, it’s more than likely not a joke.

And the people in charge of both political parties have no problem with that.

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