Los Angeles Bureaucrats Vote To Destroy Another Industry

Los Angeles Bureaucrats Vote To Destroy Another Industry

There is a legend about the Spanish explorers who settled California centuries ago. They used to run their ships aground on the beaches around Los Angeles up to Santa Barbara to tar the hulls. That’s how much oil is under the shelf around Los Angeles. It would literally bubble up from under the ocean floor.

Petroleum was not coming to the surface just at the La Brea tar pits.

In the last century, oil and gas drilling actually has become a part of the landscape in Los Angeles. It is actually an industry that employs many people and keeps the bubbling up of petroleum in the area to a minimum.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Supervisors decided that no new development of this industry and natural resource would be happening.

Los Angeles County supervisors voted unanimously Wednesday to phase out oil and gas drilling and ban new drill sites in the unincorporated areas of the nation’s most populous county.

Over 1,600 active and idle oil and gas wells in the county could be shuttered after the 5-0 vote by the board of supervisors. A timetable for the phaseout will be decided after the county determines the fastest way to legally shut down the wells.

Among the sites is the Inglewood Oil Field, one of the largest US urban oil fields. The sprawling, 1,000-acre (405-hectare) site, owned and operated by Sentinel Peak Resources, contains over half the oil and gas wells in the county’s unincorporated areas. The field produced 2.5 million to 3.1 million barrels of oil a year over the past decade, according to the company.

“The goal is to provide direction to county departments to begin addressing the variety of issues, environmental and climate impacts created by these active and inactive oil and gas wells,” said Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, who represents the district where most of the Inglewood Oil Field is located.

Mitchell, along with Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, made the motion to phase out drilling in the county’s unincorporated areas.

And replace that production which contributes to the nation’s oil supply, helping to keep gas prices low, with what?

And what about the highly skilled oil field workers who would be out of a job when these phase-outs occur?

None of that was addressed.

The reality is that there was a spill earlier in the year, and rather than moving residents away from the oil fields, the brilliant people of Los Angeles County supervisors have decided to squeeze the available oil supply.

Gee, thanks.

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