Los Angeles Police

Los Angeles Police Ignore ICE And Set Child Murderer Free

Some days you have to wonder just whose side local law enforcement is on: We the People or somebody else.

For years now, there have been stories coming out of the big cities – in California, primarily – that the local police are, shall we say, less than cooperative with federal authorities when it comes to detaining illegal aliens suspected of violent crime. Recently, another case came to light to add to the pile.

ICE issued the detainer on 44-year-old Salvadorian national Carlos Morales-Ramirez, who was convicted of “second-degree murder, assault on a child causing death, and great bodily injury to a child causing death” back in 1998, the agency said in a press release. Morales-Ramirez was still serving time for the murder at the California Department of Corrections at Pleasant Valley Prison in Chowchilla, California. ICE placed the immigration detainer order on him on August 28, 2013, yet California did not uphold that request and released Morales-Ramirez onto the streets on December 4, 2020.

Fortunately, ICE was able to locate the man and take him into custody on a different matter less than a week later, but they should not have had to. Not with the federal arrest and detention laws on the books.

Unfortunately, the state sanctuary laws are still on the books despite the number of criminals released into the wind who continue their reprobate ways after being sprung.

“State sanctuary laws grant law enforcement officials the discretion to cooperate with immigration authorities in instances where serious or violent crimes have been committed; again, we are talking about the murder of a child – rather than working with our officers to ensure this convicted aggravated felon was safely handed over to ICE, he was released back into the community and our officers were forced to exhaust more time and resources relocating and re-arresting him,” said ICE’s ERO Los Angeles Field Office Director Dave Marin.

“California’s sanctuary policies continue to fail residents by allowing convicted criminals like Morales-Ramirez to walk free – state officials and advocates need to take a hard look at the reality, and potential consequences, of these misguided laws that leave potential victims wildly unprotected from very egregious criminal offenders,” he added.

There really is no excuse for this. States that employ sanctuary laws really should be responsible for the actions of those who end up committing more crimes after being released.

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California Hits New Bottom

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Abby Virginia Vail
Abby Virginia Vail
December 25, 2020 11:14 am

California is just another name for a toilet that needs flushing!