Los Angeles Suffers Consequences Of Strict Gun Laws

Los Angeles Suffers Consequences Of Strict Gun Laws

How it is that gun control advocates seem to think eliminating weapons will make crime less of a thing is a complete mystery. Criminals don’t care about the law. If they did, they wouldn’t be committing crimes with or without a firearm.

That little inconvenient truth is hanging over the people of Los Angeles in California as there is a crime wave underway in that heavily gun-controlled state and city.

LAPD Chief Michael Moore says robberies with a gun in Los Angeles are “up 44 percent from 2021” and “up 57 percent from 2020.”

CBS Los Angeles reports Moore also indicated “Robberies with a firearm account for 36% of all robberies, and accounts for 74% of the city’s year-to-date total robbery increase.”

That is quite a leap. Although, in recessions and economic downturns, robberies are more common.

So, what are the thieves after?

Moore said, “There’s been a marked increase of armed robberies involving victims wearing expensive jewelry, as well as just other individuals whether they’re at commercial stores such as mini markets, convenience stores, gas stations, or on the street.”

Gee, imagine that. Thieves are after expensive jewelry. It’s fast to steal and most people will give it up when their lives are threatened. So, what is the solution?

An LAPD alert was issued on March 22, 2022, in response to the surge in robberies. The alert said, “Traveling in groups and remaining in well-lit areas can help deter opportunists from attempting a street robbery.”

The alert also noted Los Angeles residents should avoid “wearing expensive jewelry while in public,” as that can increase their likelihood of being targeted.

Notice there is no mention of repealing illegal gun laws, just put the onus of preventing crime on the victims and try to get the victims to not be sitting targets.

That is actually common sense, but in modern America, especially in California, sense is not all that common.

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