Mafia Fugitive Hiding In Caribbean

Mafia Fugitive Hiding In Caribbean Overlooks One Thing That Cost Him His Freedom

Maybe it is true that the mafia sorts can hide out and live relatively comfortably in the Caribbean so long as they keep a low profile.

That low-profile bit…violating that commandment of being on the run seems to be what cost one mafia fugitive his freedom. Marc Feren Claude Biart from the southern part of Italy was found thanks to his wife’s cooking show that appears on YouTube.

After seven years on the run, Marc Feren Claude Biart was tracked down through a YouTube cooking channel he started with his wife, Italian police said in a statement.

The alleged gangster’s “love for Italian cuisine” — and tattoo ink — made his arrest possible, police said.

Though he carefully hid his face, Biart failed to disguise his distinctive body tattoos, they added.


And people wonder why some of us choose to be uninked.

At any rate, this man’s capture is one big fish of many sought by international authorities as they seek out mafia figures all over the globe.

Police said they believe Biart is a member of the notorious ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate — one of the most feared and powerful in Europe — from the Calabria region at the toe of southern Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula.

He had been wanted for allegedly trafficking cocaine from the Netherlands since 2014, police said…

Lt. Col. Massimiliano Galasso, a Reggio-Calabria police official, told NBC News that authorities had never stopped searching for Biart and had recently turned to open source intelligence…

The search culminated in his arrest last week in the Dominican town of Boca Chica after which he was extradited to Italy and landed in Milan on Monday…

Biart’s arrest marks a breakthrough for the international effort led by Interpol and multiple European police forces to bring down organized crime. Known as “Interpol Cooperation Against ‘Ndrangheta,’ the initiative launched last year is tasked with disrupting the mafia gang’s global network, which Interpol says is present “on every world continent.”

Another ‘Ndrangheta mafia member was arrested in Portugal on Monday, police said. Francesco Pelle, who had been on the run for 14 years, was found at a clinic in Lisbon where he was receiving Covid-19 treatment.

Pelle is accused of ordering the murder of the boss of a rival clan who survived the attack but whose wife died in the ambush.

It looks like international sleuths are making a concerted effort to find these people.

If only the courts would bring them to justice.

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