Mainstream Media Fear Their Demise

Mainstream Media Fear Their Demise {VIDEO}

Wow that the internet has fleshed out as a genuine place to stash information, and We the People have places to share information in the form of social media platforms, the mainstream media is starting to complain about the waning of influence in favor of what can be termed the alternative media.

A short segment on MSNBC demonstrates the point:

Leaving aside that this nation is a republic, not a democracy, the pure envy coming through in that statement is palpable. The mainstream media for over one hundred years controlled the flow of information in this country, and they are none too happy about upstart journalists with a different agenda and different politics having success in what used to be their exclusive arena.

The reality is, though, that the people of the United States want the truth from journalists, not a narrative. We want writing to reflect our values and virtues, not those imposed on us via a press that simply spins words and stories rather than digging deep into the weeds and trying to cut them for clear vision.

Americans have become adept at sniffing out baloney from the talking heads that just spin and spin on national networks making a word salad out of nothing. At this point, now that so many of us have switched to alternative sites and have done our own research, on what the mainstream media is selling, we simply aren’t buying.

And that is a problem for the legacy, dinosaur media which is dependent on audience size for selling advertising time. Their business model is failing just as inflation is hitting record highs due to the horse they backed in the last presidential race performing worse than Jimmy Carter in the role of president. They are partially to blame. Why would Americans consume their products?

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