Mainstream Media Is Going After Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s Scalp

For whatever reason, in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest for sex trafficking and more in New York, the main focus of the mainstream media has become the reality that Epstein essentially “got away” in the state of Florida over a decade ago. In 2007, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was a U.S. Attorney in the state. He was contacted by local law enforcement that state’s attorneys were going to simply let Epstein off for what were felonies in every state in the nation.

Acosta decided to intervene and eventually, a non-prosecution type plea deal was worked out where Epstein became a registered sex offender, served no real jail time, but did live in a halfway house for over a year.

Why is a question that has never been fully answered? However, two things this week have come to the surface that indicates there’s more to Jeffrey Epstein and the entire episode than meets the eye.

First is a report from Vicky Ward at The Daily Beast, hardly a publication that is fond of the Trump Administration and any of its employees and representatives. According to Ward, a former White House official claims that Acosta was told to back off the Epstein case in 2007 as Epstein was “above his pay grade.” What that means is anyone’s guess, but the claim made at the time was that Epstein “belonged to intelligence.”

That’s rather curious given the business that Epstein was in of procuring tender flesh to be exploited, and that he was living the life of the rich and famous without having to have earned his fortune in any sort of public way.

Which makes the feeding frenzy from the mainstream media since Acosta’s press conference to explain the situation from 2007 rather curious. Almost across the board, talking heads and “experts” are claiming Acosta will be gone by the close of business on Thursday. Friday at the latest. It’s like the whole lot of them received orders to sell the idea that Acosta acted in the wrong – no mention of any pressure to drop the Epstein case from them, either – and the Trump Administration cannot weather the storm that the scandal will kick up.

They are forgetting that this administration has weathered one manufactured scandal after another for over two years. There is no reason to think they will not weather this one unscathed, and possibly exposing a few others lingering from past administrations in the process.