Mar-a-Largo Breached By Three Teens With AK-47

Three foolish teenagers in south Florida were recently very fortunate and managed to get over the fence at Mar-a-Largo in Palm Beach County and not get shot.

A recently released police report says that three teens were observed by a Palm Beach police officer sitting in a parked car this past Friday morning just a couple of miles north of Mar-a-Largo. The police officer activated his overhead and the kids immediately took off hightailing it south toward President Trump’s Mar-a-Largo resort.

Just by coincidence, another police officer had initiated a traffic stop a short distance from Mar-a-Largo and it’s believed the kids thought the police had set up a roadblock for them so they all bailed out of the car, ran toward Mar-a-Largo, and jumped the fence.

The Mar-a-Largo club was immediately surrounded and a helicopter and a police dog were dispatched to the scene to help locate the three of them.

Fortunately for these three foolish kids, Mar-a-Largo has been closed and the President of the United States was not there at the time… Had the President been there with his large well-armed security detail these clowns probably would have been shot… The President’s security detail doesn’t play games…

All three of the kids denied owning the AK-47 and say they found it… Not so sure I believe that and the cops probably don’t either, but it is south Florida… LOL I’m sure they will find out where it came from and if it has been used to kill anyone after they have a chance to investigate things more.

The three teenagers are now facing felony charges… Being young and dumb at the wise old age of 15 I wouldn’t expect them to be tossed in the slammer for the next 20 years, but if they have any sense at all this will prompt them to rethink a life of crime…

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