Marching MAGA Patriots Or Liberal Loons Pretending

Marching MAGA Patriots Or Liberal Loons Pretending To Be?

Saturday afternoon, the social media platform Twitter started to buzz with a video of a group of men dressed in khaki pants, and dark shirts, armed with shields and catcher’s kneepads and shin guards. They were marching lockstep from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., toward the Capitol Building, their faces masked, eyes blocked by sunglasses, and wearing ball caps. Many were flying American flags.

The group was labeled “Patriot Front,” and anyone who saw the coverage of the rally that didn’t happen in September took one look, and started to ask questions.

Now, why would federal agents pretend to be “right-wing extremists” when such groups are notoriously non-violent?

Well, whatever the case the group got into the cargo boxes of U-Haul trucks for transportation away from the Mall in Washington.

So, where did these guys come from?

At this time, there’s not a clear answer, but the Twitterverse was alive with questions on whether or not these guys are new recruits or actors paid by the hour. They might be being paid by the gig, but the bottom line is that the Make America Great Again movement recognized that “Patriot Front” was just that – a front.

For what, though?

Kyle Becker called this event a “false flag,” but in the strict sense of the term, it really was not one. A false flag is an event that is meant to effect some sort of change and surrender of rights. This was just a bunch of federal agents or actors looking like the dorks they are.

And they are not fooling anybody.

Can’t wait to see what the feds come up with next. They certainly are lacking a creative department if this is the best they can do trying to pin violent shield-wielding on the patriots of this nation.

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