Maricopa County Orders Shocking Post Election Action

The 2020 general election was such a mess that a number of trouble spots are now trying to prove that there were no issues with the voting machines.

The state of Georgia has already done some form of a forensic audit, and now Maricopa County in Arizona  Рa state President Trump supposedly lost by about 10,000 votes Рhas decided to do the same.

A meeting was held on Wednesday to vote on whether to audit the county’s election machines independently following allegations by allies of former President Donald Trump that there were acts of vote-switching in favor of President Biden during the November election.

Members of the board rebuked claims of fraud in the county during the election but added that they seek to reaffirm trust in the system as many constituents in the county still raise questions about the process.

“We trust the process, but we take many steps always, day after day, to verify we are doing the right thing, and this is just part of the process this board is known for,” Clint Hickman, supervisor for District 4, said Wednesday.

Right. After the election was certified in Congress and the successor was sworn in, now one of the hot spots in a contested election decides to go ahead and get a good look at the voting machines to see whether or not they were problematic.

The audit will be carried by separate firms and will ensure the county’s software is up to federal and state standards, will examine for malware and ensure tabulation equipment was not connected to the internet during the general election, and will conduct accuracy tests of tabulation equipment.

Audits will focus primarily on the county’s Dominion Voting Systems, which has been busy repelling voter fraud allegations by Trump allies, including Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, directed at the company.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and the voting systems in the hotspot areas all seem to be the same ones.

Maybe there really is an issue.

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