Marine Guarding Embassy In Guatemala Dies

Marine Guarding Embassy In Guatemala Dies Amid Mystery

Losing service personnel is always troubling, but when there are no answers for why the individual died or in what manner, the situation can be maddening. That is what is facing U.S. Marines active and not following the death of Sgt. Dylan Pena. He was a member of the group assigned to guard the embassy in Guatemala, and the Marines are not talking about what happened.

“It is with heavy hearts that the Marine Corps confirms that Sgt. Dylan F. Pena has died while serving as a Marine Security Guard at U.S. Embassy Guatemala City,” Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Kevin Stephenson told Task & Purpose.

Marine officials gave no details about the circumstances of Pena’s death. It is unclear what led to his death or precisely when it happened. The Marine Corps is now investigating the incident.

“The loss of Sgt. Pena is deeply felt by all those who served with him and our thoughts are with his family and friends who knew him best. The circumstances of Sgt. Pena’s death are currently under investigation,” Stephenson said.

One question is why make an announcement like this when there are no further details.

Another is why are there no further details.

The way the statement is worded lends an air of criminal activity or some sort of cover-up. The incident being investigated can mean any number of things.

In the meantime, rumors will begin and spread and the real truth may be hidden behind them. There are Marines all over the world protecting our embassies and when one dies it is important to know if the death is directly related to that task, or if it is something on a personal level. That is a different kettle of fish.

Whatever is the case in this matter, the full truth is not known, and that being the case there is a serious question of how much danger is involved in guarding embassies.

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