Marjorie Taylor Green Pays High Price Ignoring Mask Mandate

Marjorie Taylor Green Pays High Price Ignoring Mask Mandate

No one ever said resistance was not going to have a price. For many, the price of resisting mandates of all sorts is their job. For Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, the price is forty-eight thousand dollars (yes, $48,000), a price that used to be what a family could live on for a year, for, get this, defying the mask mandate on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The House Ethics Committee issued a statement Monday regarding the Georgia Republican, indicating she most recently broke the rule on Sept. 28.

The outspoken mask critic — who was suspended from Twitter for railing against the COVID-19 vaccine — previously flouted the mandate on Sept. 27 and Sept. 22. She did not file an appeal in any of those incidents.

Greene has been spotted without a mask in the House chamber at least 20 times since May, according to a letter from House Sergeant at Arms William Walker obtained by The Post.

She was fined $500 in May for her first offense and then racked up $2,500 fines for each subsequent violation, including as recently as Oct. 27, for a total of $48,000, according to Greene’s spokesman, Nick Dyer.

Various members of the House of Representatives might well want to hide their faces given the legislation they are pushing through the process, but Green is not one of them. As masks are not proven to do anything to prevent the spread of disease, which is the excuse used to compel the wearing of them in compulsory fashion, it is a mystery as to why the House ethics people are making a big deal about it.

Oh, that’s right, We the People including our representatives in government are supposed to be good, compliant citizens who just do what the government officials tell us we are supposed to do.

Marjorie Taylor Green is leading the resistance to the mask madness, and she is being made to pay.

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