Maryland Democrat Thinks Black Candidates Are A Bad Idea

Maryland Democrat Thinks Black Candidates Are A Bad Idea (Racist Much?)

The race to win nominations and hang onto the seats of power is on in various states. One of them is Maryland where the mega-polis of combined Washington, D.C., suburbs, and Baltimore forms one of the largest “blue” areas in the country.

Farther south, and in the more rural regions around the Chesapeake Bay, the voter base is far more conservative.

That being the case, the state’s Democrats have quite the task of finding candidates that are likable to both sides of the aisle.

Recently, an internal email came to light that tells of one state-wide office holder’s concerns about a specific demographic of candidates.

The email from Barbara Goldberg Goldman, deputy treasurer of the state Democratic party, was obtained by Axios. The news site noted the disparity between such doubts and Democratic reliance on Black voters in states across the US, not least in the election of Joe Biden as president.

In the email, which Axios said was written “to other party insiders”, Goldberg Goldman explained why she was backing Tom Perez, a former labor secretary and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, for the nomination for governor this year.

“So, my thinking beyond here is the age-old question,” Goldberg Goldman wrote. “Which candidate(s) have a better chance in the general election of beating an attractive female [Larry] Hogan team member for whom both [Democrats] and [Republicans] have expressed genuine likability?”

“Consider this,” Goldberg Goldman wrote. “Three African American males have run statewide for governor and have lost. Maryland is not a blue state. It’s a purple one. This is a fact we must not ignore. In the last 20 years, only eight have been with a Democratic governor. We need a winning team. IMHO.”

The email, of course, was met with consternation within the Maryland Democrats, but still, the indications of division are there.

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