Matt Gaetz Federal Investigation

Matt Gaetz Federal Investigation Has The Liberal Media Drooling

When the mainstream, legacy media – the segment of journalism dying whether any of the players want to admit it or not – starts tag-teaming in the gleeful trampling of a conservative’s reputation, it’s a good bet that the person in the crosshairs is one of the good guys.

The current object of such attention is Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. It seems that there is a grand jury out there, which has heard from a former girlfriend about…well, something. Grand jury testimony is supposed to be secret.

The ex-girlfriend of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) testified Wednesday before a grand jury in the sex-crimes investigation of the far-right lawmaker, signaling that prosecutors may have secured an important witness, NBC News reported.

The woman appeared before a federal grand jury investigating sex-trafficking accusations against Gaetz and has been negotiating with prosecutors about an immunity deal to avoid prosecution for obstruction of justice, according to the network.

Gaetz is under investigation for alleged sex with a 17-year-old girl and traveling with her across state lines in 2017. Prosecutors also are probing whether he obstructed justice.

The months-long investigation could get a boost from the ex-girlfriend’s testimony with critical details, those close to the case told the network.

When in doubt while trying to destroy an asset of the other side, go for the sex angle.

That seems to be the way things work.

CNN, which also reported on the grand jury appearance, noted that the woman is a former Capitol Hill staffer who was connected with Gaetz in the summer of 2017. That was at the same time when the lawmaker allegedly paid another woman, who was then 17, for sex.

Gaetz, of course, denies the accusations, and given the reports and rumors coming out of Washington regarding the sexual habits of our “lawmakers,” he would not be the only one if found guilty – and that’s a big “if.”

The question is why is he the one being persecuted?

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Ben Colder
Ben Colder
January 14, 2022 11:10 am

They are going to get him come hell or high water grand juries are a way to do that you know the old saying that a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich if they want to you can bet your sweet bippy they will find something on him the dem/communists and the so called press hate him .He is toast.