Matt Gaetz Slams Anti-Trump RINO Seeking To Unseat Him

It looks like the young establishment Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger is putting his new Political Action Committee, or PAC to work already, and one of his targets is Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. The young Kinzinger seems to think the GOP needs to be purged of the Trump supporters to save the party and America… It’s a clear indication that the establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle find anyone who actually has the support of the American people a THREAT!

The establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle are terrified of actual change because the establishment knows the way things have been for decades, if not centuries, makes them all very wealthy and provides plenty of perks for them regardless of which party is in control… The idea that any candidate could gain the backing of more average Americans than special interest groups can defeat has always been unheard of until Donald Trump came along.

The establishment is working overtime on both sides of the aisle to not only damage the reputation and character of Donald Trump, but the reputation and character of everyone that supported and voted for him… They refuse to even entertain looking inward and reflecting on how and why Donald Trump was able to gain the largest following of Americans from every walk of life regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation… To them the American people don’t matter, the people are merely the subjects they use to generate revenue for the country… They don’t want the American people believing they have any power over their government… That is a direct threat and they will and are pulling out all the stops to beat the people back and show them that any efforts to establish a government of the people and by the people will be destroyed and whoever leads that effort will be absolutely be humiliated and destroyed before their eyes in an effort to send a message to anyone else who might think they can continue such a movement.

Congressman Matt Gaetz has been one of a handful of very loyal followers of President Trump… Not many have always thought everything Trump said or tweeted was appropriate but they all have been strong supporters of the underlying message and policies he brought back to Washington, D.C… Donald Trump dared to suggest that the American people should be given priority over the people and politicians of other nations… His “America First” method of doing business is not something the establishment believes in… The establishment believes the American people hand taxes over to the government so they can give as much as possible away to foreign governments while pocketing as much as they can get away with along the way…

Consider how the liberal minds exploded when Donald Trump told the members of NATO to pay up and start contributing their share of money to the organization… Why in God’s name would any politician representing the American people find that to be a terrible appalling thing? Why should Americans be paying for the security of Europe, Japan, Korea, or any other nation? Yes, there are advantages to being on the world stage for sure… We have maintained an incredible wall of security around our continent making it virtually impossible for anyone to reach our shores, but we should not bear the brunt of financial responsibility… What is really appalling is a government that doesn’t think twice about sending $500 billion to some do nothing nation thousands of miles away so they can study the sex habits of indigenous swamp rats but to consider giving the American people $500 billion to help them cope with being placed under house arrest for the past 12 months required months of debate and great concern… If they are so damn concerned with our national debt–which they should be–then they should quit borrowing trillions of dollars annually so we can provide foreign aid to nations that could care less about America. Let’s keep American tax dollars in America until we have our own affairs in order.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger can post pictures of him in his Air Force uniform all he wants and Matt Gaetz respects his military service like all American’s, but I agree with what Congressman Gaetz posted on Twitter:

“Adam is a patriot who fought for America from Northwest Florida. We will always appreciate & honor his service. Now, he wants to target my America First politics, referencing me by name,” Gaetz wrote on Twitter on Feb. 10.

“My response: [expletive] bring it. Adam needs PACs to win elections. I don’t.”

Any man in uniform, in this Marines opinion, who has forgotten their allegiance is to America First has lost their way…

I don’t know or even care if Donald Trump tries to run as President again but what I do care about is that whoever runs for President knows their allegiance is to the American people first and everyone else comes after American interests are taken care of… We don’t need to purge the American patriots that backed Trump, we need to harness their power and take back OUR nation… And please, I don’t mean by storming the capitol… I mean by standing up and holding our leaders to their constitutional obligations to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution of the United States… That Constitution puts America First from start to finish… Stray from it as a politician and you have violated your oath of office… Period!

I say good luck to Congressman Gaetz and all the others that stood for and continue to stand for America FIRST!

God bless America!

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