Media Glosses Over Court Corruption Regarding 2020 Presidential Election

The more time that passes following the 2020 presidential election, the more obvious the systemic corruption in all parts of the American political system is becoming.

Case after case is being filed in state and federal courts outlining outrageous and egregious election fraud, and court after court is either refusing to hear the case, thus preventing evidence from being admitted under oath, or dismissing them for “lack of standing” or some other legal terminology that enrages the American people who want to see right done in the entire affair.

The latest such case comes to us from the contested state of Wisconsin, one of the groups where counting stopped abruptly on election night with President Donald Trump in one heck of a lead, and yet the state was called for Joe Biden in the days following after a spike of votes in the wee hours of the morning.

The 4-3 ruling was the latest in a string of dozens of losses for the president across the country as Republicans pursue last-gasp efforts to give Trump a second term. Just after the decision was issued, the Electoral College cemented Biden’s national victory.

In the majority, conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn joined the court’s three liberals to confirm Biden’s win. They found one of Trump’s arguments was without merit and his others were brought far too late.

Trump’s challenges to Wisconsin’s voting laws “come long after the last play or even the last game,”¬†Hagedorn wrote for the majority. (Trump) is challenging the rulebook adopted before the season began.”

Too late? It’s too late to correct a wrong even if it is being reported as “upholding” Joe Biden’s “win” when there is every reason to believe that such a “win” never happened. In-state after-state, the voting machines themselves have been called into question. In Arizona, ballots have been impounded while the mess in Maricopa County is straightened out if it can be, and now state courts are using legal terminology to block hearing cases where evidence of fraud could well overturn an election.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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