Media Magnifies Slip Ups

Media Magnifies Slip Ups From Trump Supporters While Ignoring Radical Left Terrorizing the Country

It began around the time of the rise of the TEA Party when the American people decided that the Obama Administration’s overreach on taxes was simply too much to take, and the leaderless movement began to build.

All across the mainstream media, the people involved were called “violent” and the MSDNC sycophants believed the narrative.

There was just one problem. The TEA Party protests and gatherings were nowhere close to violent. On September 12, 2009, two million people descended on Washington, D.C., to make a statement regarding increased taxes, and nothing violent from those people occurred despite the participants being painted as violent, gun-toting, cracker-type droolers.

Fast forward eleven years, and a lot of peaceful, non-violent protesting from the American people who are more conservative than the self-styled “elites” running the mainstream media under the bridge, and emotions are running high over the upcoming election. The stakes for both sides are essentially winner takes all in a battle for the nation, and when it comes down to it the continuance of the Republic as we know it.

That being the case, those with control of the airwaves are desperate to paint those who support President Trump and his way of running the country as being what they are: impatient and violent towards any perspective or viewpoint counter to their own.

It is interesting that the “news” is void of leftists forced to support Joe Biden for president ripping down signs in the yards of Trump supporters.

At the same time, one Trump supporter loses his cool after being provoked, and suddenly there are headlines. It happened in Denton, Texas:

The Denton Police Department announced on Saturday that Jason Lata, 44, of Flower Mound, was charged with assault causing bodily injury.

Authorities obtained an arrest warrant for Lata after a 17-second clip that surfaced on social media showed him striking the victim, Dan Royce Schochler III, around 1 pm.

The incident happened outside a Buc-ee’s convenience store in Denton during a MAGA meet-up scheduled for 11:15 am.

The footage begins mid-confrontation with Lata, who is not wearing a face mask, screaming at Schochler to ‘turn it off!’

The song ‘FDT’ [F*** Donald Trump] by rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle is heard playing in the background as another Trump supporter tells the protesters ‘you guys shouldn’t even be here.’

The people on the left have no shame and no manners whatsoever when it comes to political speech in this election season. In the last few months, so many videos have surfaced online laced with profanity that they cannot really be shared. In this case, the “victim” was essentially daring someone to stop the provocation, and when that happened, and consequences ensued, the incident was magnified.

Why? Because one person FINALLY seemed to prove the years old narrative about conservatives being violent true.

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