Medical Experts Warn FDA: Do Not Give COVID Shots To Kids

Medical Experts Warn FDA: Do Not Give COVID Shots To Kids

As the nation’s Food and Drug Administration marches onward toward giving the experimental gene therapy known as “COVID Vaccines” to all Americans, no matter what age or immunological status, a rising chorus of medical experts are cautioning the oversight body that shooting up children for this disease carries far more risk to the kids than any benefits the inoculations may provide.

Another medical expert issued a severe warning against vaccinating children for COVID-19. At Tuesday’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committee Meeting, Chemist Dr. Brian Dressen, Ph.D., urged panel members, “Please do not give this [COVID-19] vaccine to kids.” The committee ultimately endorsed Pfizer’s EUA COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, despite strong objections raised by many doctors, scientists, and researchers during the eight-hour meeting. He advised the panel that the Pfizer inoculation:

“Failed any reasonable risk-benefit calculus in connection with children.”

Multiple experts, including Yale Professor Dr. Harvey Risch, share Dressen’s concerns and have repeatedly argued that the risks in giving COVID-19 vaccines to children clearly outweigh the benefits. Notably, the natural immune system of children could be altered by the vaccines, which are still in a clinical trial…

Dressen, a Utah father whose wife Brianne suffered significant neurological damage after participating in the AstraZeneca clinical trial in 2020, has an extensive background in researching and evaluating the degree of efficacy in new technologies. He told the advisory panel:

“Your decision is being rushed, based on incomplete data from underpowered trials, insufficient to predict rates of severe and long-lasting adverse reactions. I urge the committee to reject the EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] modification and direct Pfizer to perform trials that will decisively demonstrate that the benefits outweigh the risks for children. I understand firsthand the impact that you will or will not have with the decision you’re going to make today.”

The reality is that the adverse reactions to the COVID shots have been vastly underreported as medical personnel are not required to report them to any central data center. The VAERS system where such events can and are recorded is completely voluntary. The estimate is that the database holds less than one percent of adverse reactions to all vaccines. Since the COVID shots were rolled out, the death rate reported in the system has increased by the thousands.

For some reason, for this set of “vaccines,” that does not seem to matter.

And now, the FDA wants to give the shots to kids.


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