Medical Mess Leaves California Woman Dead

Medical Mess Leaves California Woman Dead

For almost two years now, the state of the practice of medicine in this nation has gotten completely tangled in the politics of COVID. The politics and the obscene profits going into the coffers of hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies should be a massive scandal but simply isn’t like none of it is being reported other than as a side note.

Also not being reported is the lack of efficacy of the shots, which really do appear to be causing more harm than good if the reporting systems available, imperfect as they are, are to be believed.

That being the case, the story coming out of California of a mother of three living with Multiple Sclerosis dying of COVID because she was denied both the shot and monoclonal antibodies is downright maddening.

Her story is being told as a “public service announcement” warning to get the shots when in reality medical malpractice really looks to be the culprit of her demise.

Nerissa Regnier, 45, a real estate agent from Mission Viejo, died Dec. 16 after allegedly being refused a jab despite asking for one seven times within six months, ABC 7 Los Angeles reported.

She was then denied monoclonal antibody treatment after contracting the deadly bug, her family’s attorneys said this week as they announced plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against her health care provider, Kaiser Permanente…

In February, Regnier was placed on a new drug regimen for MS, which suppressed her immune system — but when she inquired about getting a COVID-19 vaccine, she was denied it because it supposedly contained a “live virus,” the lawyer said.

But that claim is false, Della Donna said.

“When you’re immunocompromised, you need the COVID-19 vaccine,” she said, adding that the woman was told seven times over the following six months that she could not get a “live” vaccine.

“They keep telling her no, no, no,” Della Donna said.

In August, Regnier asked her neurologist about getting inoculated and he told her she had to get the jab, the lawyer said.

“Two days later she runs over to Kaiser to get the COVID vaccine and she’s feeling symptoms so they test her and she’s got COVID,” she said.

Regnier was then given antibiotics — another no-no — as well as steroids, which is not recommended, Della Donna added.

And when she was denied monoclonal antibody treatment, her husband got her discharged from Kaiser’s hospital in Irvine and took her to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, where she was told it was too late, said Eric Dubin, another lawyer for the family.

She was stabilized at Hoag before returning to Kaiser, where she eventually died, according to Della Donna.

No ivermectin, no hydroxychloroquine, no zinc, no Regeneron…no protocol that actually is proven to work.

Yes, there is a wrongful death case here, but it is not because of a shot with a “live virus.”

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California Hits New Bottom

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