Merck's Wonder Pill Gets Blessing

For close to a year and a half now, independent physicians have been using a protocol to defeat COVID whatever number we are on currently to beat the virus, keep patients out of the hospital, and not add to the death count from the Chinese bat flu.

Since that protocol was made public, an old, safe and effective drug, hydroxychloroquine, has been maligned as being not suitable for use as a therapeutic against COVID despite its success in multiple studies. The drug was developed to fight malaria.

Of late, another drug, this one an anti-parasitic known as Ivermectin, has received the propaganda treatment as it was developed as a deworming medicine for animals. The compound has been approved for human use for decades, and was the subject of a Nobel Prize in medicine, but, alas, the powers that be at the Food and Drug Administration warn of not using it for the treatment of COVID since such a thing is “off-label” and, well, it works.

Why this is the case with proven drugs which are being prescribed and are available through non-system medical providers is, most likely, all about the Benjamins. We now know that Merck, the owner of the patent on Ivermectin, has been developing a new wonder pill for the treatment of COVID (which will undoubtedly have its own patent and be priced accordingly).

The drug, molnupiravir, is given as a pill. It performed well enough in a late-stage clinical trial of adults at high risk of severe Covid-19 that the independent review board overseeing the study recommended that it be ended early. Now Merck and its partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics will seek FDA authorization for the drug “as soon as possible,” they said Friday.

If those promising preliminary results hold, the new drug could help fill a significant gap in the world’s Covid-19 arsenal. As the pandemic nears the end of its second year, there are still only a handful of treatments for Covid-19 — and none that people can take at home. Finding a drug that can minimize the risk of severe illness could ease the burden on the country’s hospitals and blunt future surges of infection, in combination with vaccines and public health measures like mask-wearing.

Convenient, isn’t it, that the mainstream media has been touting the government’s narrative about no therapeutics for a year and a half, and now that a good chunk of the population is shot up, and getting sick, there’s VIOLA! a therapeutic?

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