The world may seem like things are going off the rails, but at least one part of life really hasn’t changed much. The Mexican Drug Cartels are just as dangerous as ever.

On Monday, one of them took out a whole lot of mourners at a funeral, and it was caught on tape.

The gruesome attack occurred Sunday outside a funeral service for the mother of an alleged hitman who had worked for the Jalisco cartel, which has been fighting bloody turf battles in Michoacan against rival gangs.

In the footage, which was captured by a resident of the town of San Jose de Gracia, bursts of gunfire break out and smoke covers the scene of the carnage.

On Monday, prosecutors said they could not say how many victims died because the attackers cleaned up the scene, washed the sidewalk, and removed the bodies.

Far from being considerate in cleaning up their own mess, the cartel destroyed the evidence of their crime.

The Michoacan state’s chief prosecutor said the gang members went to the funeral looking for the hitman, whom officials identified only by his first name, Alejandro.

State Prosecutor Adrián López Solís said the hitman apparently died at the scene.

That is one place to find those targeted, at a relative’s funeral, that is for sure. This strategy is common among the Mexican cartels.

There have been multiple attacks at funerals in Mexico, as cartel gunmen seek to exterminate members of rival gangs during services.

Mayor Jorge Luis Anguiano, whose township includes San Jose de Gracia, said that before Sunday’s attack, a large convoy of vehicles was seen entering from neighboring Jalisco state, but local police didn’t have the firepower to intervene.

“Seeing the number of presumed criminals that were there and given the rules of engagement, we had to retreat,” Anguiano said. “We do not have the firepower to handle this type of situation.”

Or choose not to have the firepower. One of the other.

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March 1, 2022 10:24 pm

Coming to a city near you, thanks to president poopypants and his boss nobama

March 2, 2022 12:05 am

Seems like Mexico would be one great place to have a vacation; oh wait, that was many, many years ago.