Miami Bar Posts Hard Truths

Miami Bar Posts Hard Truths, Gets Slammed

Life in the United States these days is really odd. For some reason, beginning in the year 2020, everything we had learned for centuries about the disease, gender, censorship, truth-telling, and more suddenly became irrelevant for the cause du jour of the crowd who like change just for the sake of change.

That being the case, those of us out on the fruited plain, and even in places like Miami, who speak the traditional truth are systematically being assaulted online and otherwise for not just speaking that truth, but using it in how business is conducted and life is generally lived.

One restaurant in Miami is punching back.

Over the weekend, management at the Kavasutra Bar in Miami posted the following on Instagram:

“Masks are for leftist losers, teachers unions are trash, women are born with ovaries, and we are doing slams at midnight tonight,” the second post read. (“Slams” are essentially the kava version of liquor shots.)

Teachers’ unions being trash is rather subjective in nature, but women being born with ovaries is not. It’s one of the very features that make a woman female, and available for reproduction as a species. How that can be in doubt is rather curious.

Of course, this did not go over well with the “woke” crowd who are wanting to accept any and all unnatural perversions and delusions that confused people have as being “normal” as well as those performing acts of virtue signaling without really thinking through the ramifications. The headlines reporting the story bears that out.

In Instagram Post, Kava Bar Insults Teachers, Trans Women, and Mask Wearers

This South Florida bar just managed to insult almost everyone in two Instagram posts

‘P—y leftists’: Kava bar bans masks, teachers who do virtual classes

Well, this being a free country – at least for now – the people insulted or offended by the language used by the Kava bar are free to not patronize the place. The rest of us, on the other hand, may stop by for slams.

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Joanne NA Gulliksen
Joanne NA Gulliksen
March 15, 2021 4:28 pm

love it