Michigan GOP Raises Stink Over Whitmer's Private Flight

Forget that there are forensic audits of the 2020 presidential election going on in various parts of the country that may well spread to the state of Michigan. The Michigan Republican Party filed a complaint with the Secretary of State in that state over Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s flight to Florida. It seems that the Whitner camp decided to pay the bill to a private jet company with cash from her campaign funds, and the GOP is not happy about that.

In a Monday call with reporters, party Executive Director Jason Cabel Roe laid out the complaint filed last week.

“This is 100 percent a trip that was for the governor’s personal benefit,” Roe said, Bridge reported. “There was no campaign activity involved in any way, shape, or form, and there is no justification.”

The complaint alleged Whitmer violated the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA) after weeks of insisting it was a “personal” trip to visit her ailing father, one of the corporations owning the plane, PVS Chemicals or the campaign committee would pay for her flight.

“While it has been evolving for days now, the Whitmer team’s most recent position is that the luxury jet costs will either be paid for by the corporation or Gretchen Whitmer for Governor (“Campaign”),” the complaint said.

“Regardless of which entity pays for the trip, a clear violation of the MCFA has occurred that should immediately be investigated and penalized to deter future continued illegal activity by Respondents.”

While that might be the case, and the payment is technically unethical, really, there are more important fish to fry in Michigan, like, say, trying to figure out just exactly WHY counting of the vote stopped on November 3 last year, and WHY observers were kept from doing their jobs, especially after other states using the same voting machines are doing their due diligence and are discovering fraud on a level we had no idea existed in this country.

It would be nice if the Republican Party would get a grip on priorities rather than political nit-picking.

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