Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Governor Announces Plan To Coerce Citizens To Vaccinate

Several people in lawmaking positions are really abusing their power in that regard when it comes to COVID injections. The people who are in various seats are insisting more people get shot up with an EXPERIMENTAL genetic serum before things start to open up.

One of those abusers is Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. She thinks the carrot of freedom will offset all the potential things that can go wrong with the shot.

“On our path to vaccinating 70 percent of Michiganders 16 and up, we can take steps to gradually get back to normal while keeping people safe,” Whitmer said.

Michigan State Rep. Ben Frederick (R-Owosso) broke down the benchmarks:

  • 55% of Michiganders – In-person work will be allowed for all sectors of business.

  • 60% of Michiganders – Indoor capacity at sports stadiums, conference centers, banquet halls, and funeral homes will increase to 25%; capacity at exercise facilities and gyms will increase to 50%, and the curfew on restaurants and bars will be lifted.

  • 65% of Michiganders – All indoor capacity limit percentages will be lifted, requiring only social distancing between parties. Limits on residential social gatherings will be further relaxed.

  • 70% of Michiganders – Gathering and face mask orders will be lifted, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will no longer employ broad mitigation measures unless unanticipated circumstances arise, such as the spread of vaccine-resistant variants.

Whitmer said it is a “very real possibility” that she and President Joe Biden will authorize citizens to celebrate the July Fourth holiday without restrictions.

Are these people kidding? Not only is this an assault on the freedom of Americans, not just the people in Michigan, but all Americans. They are keeping us all locked up and silenced with masks and no gatherings just like prisoners. And now with the number of people who have been jabbed, and are spreading the stuff to those who chose not to get the jab whether we want it or not, the threat is just not appealing.

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