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Apparently, having had what is currently labeled COVID-19 and recovering from it, thus having immunity naturally, and, thus, not being able to spread the virus itself, is not a good enough reason to be released from any travel restrictions, especially if one works for the Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan.

One of her underlings, Tricia L. Foster, Chief Operations Officer, was spotted in Florida during a spring break trip, one that had been planned for her son’s senior trip. The son had to miss the trip due to being sick with COVID itself.

While one would think a mother would be criticized for traveling while one of her children was sick, Foster actually took it on the chin for traveling during a statewide request that Michiganders not travel to help keep new cases to a minimum.

When asked for a reaction from the governor, her spokesperson did not give a response to alternative media sources but did have quite a bit to say to the regular media in the state.

Bobby Leddy, the press secretary to the embattled Whitmer, refused to respond to Breitbart News when given the opportunity, but lashed out to the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, labeling it a “garbage white nationalist website.”…

On Friday, Breitbart News broke the story — and Leddy all but confirmed — that top Whitmer aide Tricia L. Foster ignored her boss’s orders for Michiganders to not travel to Florida for spring break…

In a statement to the News and Free Press, Leddy defended Foster’s decision, claiming she “is fully recovered from COVID and fully vaccinated.”

So, the press secretary defends the woman who violates her boss’s edicts, but claims that a news agency with a reputation of exposing corruption and contradiction is a “garbage white nationalist website.”

Alrighty then.

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