More Proof Hollywood Is A Cesspool Of Bigots… Yes, They Are Democrats!

For whatever reason the celebrities of the world can come up with, the lot of them do their fair share of slamming President Trump and his family. On Tuesday night, during her Republican National Convention speech, First Lady Melania Trump was the target of a washed-up singer who tried to act, and somehow actually got gigs for that. Her name is Bette Midler, and Tuesday night her inner cat started to hiss.

Not that it really matters to “tolerant” liberals like Midler who never met an immigrant worker they didn’t like, but Mrs. Trump is a naturalized citizen after coming here perfectly legally. And word is that she’s fluent in at least five languages.

But that didn’t seem to matter to the entertainer who thinks she’s funny. No…she didn’t quit while she was ahead, and….

To be honest, after listening to Mrs. Trump’s speech, her English is much improved from four years ago. She was very easy to understand, and the accent is fading which happens when one works at language. That, though, was not the focus of the admonishments that came Midler’s way on Tuesday evening. Her own fellow leftists let her have it:

Replying to @BetteMidler
There were a million things to criticize about this speech. This wasn’t one of them.
1:17 AM · Aug 26, 2020

Replying to @BetteMidler
Are you actually mocking an immigrant who became the First Lady of the United States for her accent?
11:11 PM · Aug 25, 2020

Replying to @BetteMidler
I don’t like them either but this is unnecessarily mean and beneath you. When they go low, we go high, remember??
8:22 AM · Aug 26, 2020

Replying to @BetteMidler
Her English is the one thing I won’t fault her on. How many Americans can speak even one language other than English well enough that they could be understood? She can probably function in more than just her native language and English.
8:53 AM · Aug 26, 2020

It must be rough being part of a political wing that ridicules that which it advocates. At least the left doesn’t always give uncalled for snark a pass. That’s rather refreshing, actually.

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