My Pillow Founder Puts Election Fraud Evidence In One Nice, Neat Documentary

During the 2020 general election cycle, millionaire entrepreneur Mike Lindell, founder of the all-American business My Pillow, was a very prominent figure. He was with President Donald Trump every step of the way and even pretty much bankrolled the Right Side Broadcasting Network which carried all of President Trump’s campaign rallies and more live-streamed.

That being the case, this American loving man, Mr. Lindell, had and still has a vested interest in the outcome of the 2020 election, one that remains contested and that even blind squirrels know was hinky to the max in the reported outcome.

How, exactly, the steal happened, though, is a story suppressed by the mainstream media. The truth is actually buried in computers known to be worldwide, and part of a gigantic cover-up that no dinosaur outlet will touch.

In the past few weeks, as the people who gathered evidence of malfeasance from governments federal, state, and local are rebuffed by media and, it is reported, law enforcement in some places not to mention the courts, those same people have been publishing their accounts, and, in one case anyway, expressing their displeasure that they were ignored. (See’s Patrick Byrne’s series on his website for an example.)

Mike Lindell, on the other hand, did not simply compile the information he has. Nor did he peddle it to media outlets loathe to actually air accounts that will imply and demonstrate their complicity in the 2020 election shenanigans.

No, Mr. Lindell produced a two-hour video outlining just how the whole thing went down…and he put it on his own website. The video itself premiered on YouTube, a platform known for removing content its puppet masters do not approve.

“Absolute Proof” is all about SHOWING We the People, ordinary Americans disgusted with politics as usual in the swamp, that the 2020 election “win” for the Biden-Harris ticket was faked. It’s about as real as the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and the Great Pumpkin.

Once the American people accept that, movement on being sure elections really are honest and secure can begin.

This spreadsheet below shows hundreds of foreign entities (many in China) who, on November 3, 2020, were conducting Man-in-the-Middle attacks on the election system across the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia in order to flip votes.

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Robert Loye
Robert Loye
February 11, 2021 5:33 am

Calling it a story is a misnomer. It is the absolute truth.