Nancy Pelosi And Hakeem Jeffries Exposed As Hypocrites

Nancy Pelosi And Hakeem Jeffries Exposed As Hypocrites

It’s been a big couple of weeks for the conservatives in San Francisco. Not only did the school board there largely get recalled by the voters, but now the primary challenger to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting it both barrels for barely paying property tax in one of America’s most expensive cities.

A conservative group is running a digital ad taking on Rep. Hakeem Jeffries — a front-runner to replace House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — for paying just $213 a year in property taxes on his $1.2 million condo thanks to a legal loophole he backed in the state Assembly.

The American Action Network accuses Jeffries of “blatant hypocrisy” for exploiting a law that cuts his own taxes to close to zero while advocating tax hikes on others.

The condo Jeffries bought in 2007 in the six-story, 40-unit complex on Underhill Avenue in red-hot Prospect Heights benefits from a massive property tax break granted under the 421-A abatement program that housing advocates have long complained is skewed toward wealthy developers and well-to-do tenants.

If it’s legal, there isn’t much the group can do other than expose the loophole, but still…that’s not much in the way of property tax on a property in that part of the world.

In response to the piece, Jeffries tried to defend the deal that has allowed him to pay virtually no property taxes for years while drawing a congressional salary of $174,000, with a tie-in to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

“Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and his family have been specifically targeted with threats of violence on January 6th and thereafter. The effort to single out his home with phony outrage over a tax abatement his and 30,000 properties in Brooklyn have qualified for since their construction is reckless, irresponsible, and may ultimately put his family at risk. Shame on you,” Jeffries spokesman Andy Eichar told The Post at the time.

“The well-connected and powerful elites like Congressman Hakeem Jeffries get to live by a different set of rules than the working-class people in this country,” said American Action Network spokesman Calvin Moore.

And that’s really the rub for grassroots networks looking to expose such graft. We all need to be playing by the same set of rules, and we just are not.

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