New American Trend Crashes North Carolina Computer System

As the COVID-19 pandemic is dragging out without any end in sight, in some states, it looks like the kids will be remoting for school. Yes, it seems that the states and universities, like Harvard, where the messaging of “social distancing” and “wear a mask or else” are the strongest, the schools just will not be open for business.

That being the case, the kids will be at home, again, and it will be up to the parents to be sure that the work and learning the schools will insist the kids do gets done.

And, once again, American parents who had no idea what the schools were and were not teaching will find out just how anti-American the schools have become over the years with no one really paying all that much attention.

It looks like many American parents have seen enough. There is a great new trend in the country. It is called homeschooling, and in North Carolina, there is such an interest, and so many people applying to establish a home school that they crashed the state website where the forms are submitted, according to LifeSiteNews.

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That’s pretty impressive, actually, to have that much interest from parents who actually now want to spend all day with their kids. Many times, parents can’t wait to get the little darlings out of the house.

What is interesting about this is not just the trend to homeschool which has been growing, but the active resistance from public school systems to releasing students from their grasp. The simple reality is that with higher enrollments come higher revenues to pay for all sorts of things, needed or not. In a way, it’s a sort of monopoly to keep some people employed, and the future generations of America learning what the machine wants them to know, not necessarily what they need to know for the good of the country.

Should Kids Return To School?
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