New Data Says COVID Spread Started MONTHS Earlier Than Previously Thought

In the fall and early weeks in December of 2019, a mystery bug was making the rounds in the United States. (This writer knows this well. She had it.) This particular malady started out as if it were a cold, got a little worse, and then went away other than a lingering cough that took a couple of months to go away.

There were anecdotal accounts of this virus all over the internet among popular personalities and the rest of us.

Well, according to new data from the Center for Disease Control, it looks like some of us in the United States contracted and recovered from the dreaded COVID-19 before any of us knew what it was or where it came from:

A new study shows testing found COVID-19 infections in the U.S. in mid-December 2019. The study, which was published Monday, identified 106 infections from 7,389 blood samples collected from donors in nine U.S. states between Dec. 13 and Jan. 17. The samples, collected by the American Red Cross, were sent to the CDC for testing, which showed antibodies in 39 samples from California, Oregon, and Washington state collected between Dec. 13-16.

“The findings of this report suggest that SARS-CoV-2 infections may have been present in the U.S. in December 2019, earlier than previously recognized,” the paper said.

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news, wrote: “The findings significantly strengthen evidence suggesting the virus was spreading around the world well before public health authorities and researchers became aware, upending initial thinking about how early and quickly it emerged.”…

“The findings suggest there were isolated cases of coronavirus infection on the U.S. West Coast in mid-December, the scientists wrote. They also found 67 samples with antibodies in Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin or Iowa, and Connecticut or Rhode Island collected between Dec. 30 and Jan. 17,” wrote the Journal.

Given the travel habits in the United States prior to the “flatten the curve” lockdown which may have slowed down the spread, but definitely prolonged just about all the pain the closures caused, there’s a good chance COVID, as we call it, was all over the country, and no one knew a thing about it.

Well, other than those who had it.

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