New Democrat Bill Demands Christian Doctors Violate Conscience

New Democrat Bill Demands Christian Doctors Violate Conscience

For decades now, the American political left has been trying like mad to get Christians to throw off the faith and participate in their sacrament of abortion. For a long time, laws were in place to protect Christians of all stripes including religious orders.

The Biden Administration changed that, and now, Congressional Democrats are taking aim at fulfilling the overall goal of forcing Christians and others who do not subscribe to abortion as being a moral right to participate in the procedure.

A bill backed by Democrats to force the issue in the midst of news that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe vs. Wade is making the rounds and would accomplish just that: forcing abortion on unwilling health providers.

Several religious freedom experts warned about the effect the Protecting Women’s Health Act would have on Christian medical professionals who are against abortion should the bill pass the Senate and be signed into law.

Charlotte Lozier Institute associate scholar Richard M. Doerflinger told Fox News Digital in a Tuesday statement that in “theory, federal law protects the conscience rights of doctors and nurses with moral objections to abortion.”

“But the Biden administration disbanded the division of the HHS Office of Civil Rights that had enforced those laws,” Doerflinger said. “The one remaining law that does not depend on the Administration’s whims is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act because it allows the oppressed party to go to court to defend his or her own rights — and the Women’s Health Protection Act would nullify that Act as it applies to abortion.”

“Christian doctors and nurses would be covered by the WHPA’s mandate that all states maximize ‘access’ to elective abortions,” he warned. “The law that protected religious orders and religious health care providers from being forced to pay for contraceptives and abortifacients under Obamacare would not protect them from having to perform and refer for even late-term abortions.”

Abortion does not protect women or women’s health care. This is another attempt at deceiving the public on the matter of well-being.

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