Well here it is folks, the thing that I am sure everyone has expected but no one knew for sure… The link between George Soros and BLM… Soros is not the only one supporting Black Lives Matter through this source either some reports say. Failed Presidential candidate Tom Steyer is said to be involved as well… But is this true?

Black Lives Matter whose official corporate name is Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, has established what’s known as a “Fiscal Sponsorship” agreement with a legal 501(c)(3) charitable organization called “Thousand Currents.” Thousand Currents began its existence as IDEX, or International Development Exchange way back in 1985, by some former liberal Peace Corps volunteers.

In 2016 when the Black Lives Matter gang approached them wanting to establish a Fiscal Sponsorship, IDEX became Thousand Currents. The way these Fiscal Sponsorships work, is people are able to give donations to Thousand Currents with the specific stipulation that the money is to be used for the wannabe charitable organization… Supposedly BLM has filed for 501(c)(3) status but they have not produced any evidence of this to anyone from what I can find and the IRS only provides information on organizations once, or IF they are approved.

It seems a little strange to me that BLM was founded in 2013, established this Fiscal Sponsorship in 2016, and has yet to be approved for their legal status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Historically these things don’t take all that long to get approved… There were cases during the Obama Administration of conservative organizations being delayed or denied and were the focus of a Congressional hearing as some of you may remember.

George Soros was said to have donated some $33 Million dollars to the Black Lives Matter organization back in 2016 through his Open Society Foundation… At the time the director of OSF, Ken Zimmermann flat out denied the claim saying he had no idea where the rumor began. Not long after the denial a website known as DCLeaks published what it claimed were documents they obtained from a hack into the Soros foundation computers and the documents showed that the OSF Board had indeed approved a large donation to the Black Lives Matter foundation… This got all kinds of attention at the time and even Bill O’Reilly and other popular publications ran with the news… Bill O’Reilly discusses the $33 million dollar donation in the video below.

Fast forward a few months and guess who was behind DCLeaks.com? According to a warning that is still displayed on the website to this day, DCLeaks.com was operating as a front for Russian Intelligence and their goal was to interfere with the 2016 election. Now does that mean Soros has not funded or donated to the Black Lives matter Foundation? No, but it also does not confirm that he did.

The Thousand Currents website describes their relationship with BLM as follows:

“In 2016, BLM Global Network approached Thousand Currents to create a fiscal sponsorship agreement. Thousand Currents, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, provides the legal and administrative framework to enable BLM to fulfill its mission. Fiscal sponsorship is a common structure utilized by nonprofit organizations. Oftentimes, nonprofit initiatives seek fiscal sponsorship to be able to have the fiscal sponsor handle administrative operations while the organization focuses on its programs and builds up its own organizational infrastructure. In this capacity, we provide administrative and back office support, including finance, accounting, grants management, insurance, human resources, legal and compliance. Donations to BLM are received as restricted donations to support the activities of BLM.” 

What they don’t tell you on their website is that from 2016 to 2019 only about six percent of the donations received for BLM actually went to local BLM chapters and grassroots organizations and efforts… Where did the rest of the money go? Generally speaking it all went toward travel expenses, benefits and salaries… To put that in simple slang terms… M@^%*!F~(%$s be livin large off them donations and laughing all the way to the bank…

Here are some specific numbers obtained from available reporting:

  • $2.1 million on personnel cost from 2017 to 2019
  • $899,000 on travel (Wanna bet they fly First Class?)
  • $1.6 million paid out for “consulting”
  • $328,000 was granted to outside organizations

Now, for the sake of “keeping it real” as they like to say, the three young ladies, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi who founded the Black Lives Matter Foundation deserve some respect… Seriously, instead of putting a mask on and robbing banks or conning elderly people into investing in some scam that would ultimately bankrupt them, or selling some expensive Chinese knock-off product they have set up one hell of a fine paying organization, but within the boundaries of the law. These three young ladies are pretty damn creative and smart… It could eventually bite them on their back side though, more on that later.

So, who are some of the people we know are providing them with all their financial backing for sure? As I list some of these companies, bear in mind it’s possible these organizations are not fully aware of how much and for what their donations are being made. Some larger companies will establish foundations that dole money out to smaller charities and causes primarily for the tax deductions and to virtue signal what wonderful caring companies they are. Personally, I wouldn’t toss money around like this without knowing exactly where it was going. I think it’s fair of anyone to question how BLM is spending these donation though, especially since It’s no secret a number of their local chapters are publically angry because they are not being properly properly funded, if funded at all.

  • $5 million from Cisco, a world leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions.
  • $100,000 split between BLM and the NAACP
  • $500,000 from Door Dash, the food delivery service. (The could feed a lot of homeless with that kind of money)
  • $500 million from a Soros linked group called “Democracy Alliance.” BLM was added to the list of smaller organizations this money gets divided among)
  • $10 million from “Bad Robot Productions.” They are the film studio involved in the production of films like Mission Impossible and Star Wars. They have pledged the money from this fund to “anti-racist” groups and BLM is at the top of that list.
  • $500,000 comes from the popular Airbnb. They too are splitting this donation between BLM and the NAACP.
  • $33 million is said to come from the Open Society Foundation. It is unlikely this all goes to BLM as is often reported. The fund is distributed to many smaller organizations… Either way, it’s probably a pretty safe bet the money is only going to left leaning groups… I seriously doubt any church or anti-abortion group would get a dime.

The above are just a few of the heavy hitters pouring money into an alleged charity that has to funnel money through a legit charity because the IRS has either not approved their application after seven years or they just haven’t even bothered to submit the application…

Now let’s take that a step further and look at what the BLM claims their purpose is… This is what they say on the Thousand Currents website about them:

“Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc. (BLM) is a home to Black folks and our global allies, as we demand a world where Black people are liberated. Founded in 2013 by Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, BLM is a chapter-based, member-led organization with chapters in the U.S., UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate White supremacy and build power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes through its educational and charitable activities. We support the lives of the Black queer and transgender communities, the disabled, those with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives. The affirmation that Black Lives Matter has resonated all over the globe and is expanding.”

If you read their stated purpose about the pay a lot of lip service to intervening in violence inflicted on black communities, educational and charitable activities… I have NEVER seen them show up in a black community following a shooting unless the shooting was a white police officer who shot a black person. What I have seen countless times are the people from the black communities in Chicago time-after-time furious that they have never heard a word from the organization, furious that young black men and women are dying daily but they have not heard from or seen anyone from BLM… No education, no training, no funding, nothing… They remain silent on the thousands of black lives taken way too soon year-after-year…

Not once have I seen anyone from the Black Lives Matter organization step up to a microphone and encourage those in the black communities to stop killing each other… Never have I seen anyone from the organization step up to the microphone and tell people to stop looting and burning down the small businesses that are owned by blacks, employ blacks, and provide vital services to thousands of black lives… And not once have I ever heard anyone step up to the microphone and encourage people, black, white, red, or green to STOP FIGHTING THE POLICE!

The police are not just shooting people because they don’t want to deal with them, they end up shooting people because they feel their lives are endangered… Sometimes we see idiots like the cop who killed George Floyd and reasonable people can debate and disagree on the police officers shooting of Mr. Brooks in Atlanta, but had he not fought with the police he would be alive today… So, BLM if you are listening you might consider actually putting a training seminar together that will actually save black lives… Teach young black men how to properly handle complaints against the police and file complaints with their local police department and encourage them not to fight with the police on the street… Teach them to take their dispute into the courtroom. And if you want to stop what is undeniably killing more black men than anything, teach them to resolve their problems without killing each other… Spend 6% on salaries and consulting and use the other 94% to teach and mentor young black men and women so they have marketable skills in the workforce… Spend some of those millions of dollars in donations to help young black men and women start businesses in their local communities…

Teaching and encouraging young black men and women to destroy the nations historical landmarks, teaching them to use ignorant white kids as a wall so you can throw bricks and bottles at the police, and telling young black men and women that everyone with a badge and a gun has one purpose in their life… To kill them… This does nothing to help anyone, black or white and most of all AMERICA!

If you want to march somewhere that could actually save black lives… Show up in Chicago with ten thousand members and patrol the streets at night… Talk to the people… Help them… Quit destroying black lives and quit pocketing all that money meant to do real good for the black community…

One final point about the comment I made about this biting those three ladies in the backside… The Attorney General has mentioned they are going after those who are behind the destruction of these monuments and those who are funding these riots… The leaders of these organizations, including BLM and ANTIFA could very well find themselves in handcuffs facing criminal charges in the not so distant future… And frankly, they should probably be in handcuffs anyway for destroying so many black lives they claim to care for as I have covered above.

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