New Evidence Shows GoFundMe

New Evidence Shows GoFundMe Favors Leftist Radicals

You wake up in the morning, put your GI Joe clothes on, load up a bunch of magazines with bullets for your rifle, throw a bulletproof a vest over your shoulders and secure it with the velcro straps, get everything arranged with the load as evenly distributed as possible, grab the Rambo stick the liberals like to call a weapon of war that you paid $600 for, then attached another $1,000 worth of fancy lights and sights, slam that freshly loaded 30 round magazine up in the magazine well, then grab that cool little charging handle, pull it backward, then release it as you savor that incredibly awesome sound of it slamming forward as it shoves that 5.56 round into position…

After palming the forward assist just because it gives you a thrill you spend a few minutes admiring yourself in the mirror feeling certain that anyone who sees you walking around like that will surely think you are Rambo himself only the 2020 improved Navy SEAL, Ranger Recon, ParaJumping badass… And you have a loaded gun… No one gonna mess with you downtown… No Sir, all them ANTIFA BLM bums gonna leave you alone!

Now the guy above being a hard corps conservative militiamen was probably raised in a house where guns are as much a part of life as CNN is in a liberal household and this kid probably had a rifle placed in his hand before he was 8-year-old by his daddy… He’s familiar with that Rambo stick, can probably hit a deer at 100 yards and knows how to safely handle it…

There seems to be one this Rambo kid wasn’t taught though and I can be sure of this because after putting all that equipment on and going downtown where they have been rioting for days, weeks, or even months in some places, he is shocked he had to shoot someone and even more surprised he killed them… Someone forgot to teach him that when you walk onto a battlefield with a rifle in your hands chance are someone is going to shoot at you and if you plan on getting off that battlefield alive you are going to have to kill someone… That should come as a surprise to NO ONE!

If you are a conservative Rambo that finds yourself having to shoot someone at one of these riots though you better have your own insurance to cover your legal defense (See Below) or enough money set aside for your family to plant you in the ground because not only is social media doing everything possible to silence conservatives, but so is…

If you think you are going to raise bail money, funeral money, or start a fund to help out a local business you better not let them find out you hold conservative beliefs and vote Republican because that is against their “Terms of Service.”


If you are a thug that fought with and tried to kill a police officer before being killed by them, your friends, family, and even scam artist will have free reign to raise all the money they want so long as they proclaim support for Black Lives Matter and tell the world that you were killed or severely wounded while fighting with a police officer and ignored their commands to drop your weapon and to stop fighting…

What’s the difference? Well, the conservative that votes Republican supports hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, and intolerance… Don’t believe me? Have a look at the message received by Candace Owens after they canceled a GoFundMe campaign she started to help an Alabama business owner who lost everything when the BLM mob destroyed everything he had worked for in his life…

New Evidence Shows GoFundMe


When the real-life Rambo described above, Kyle Rittenhouse, was arrested for killing two people in Wisconsin after they chased him down, beat him, and chased him again before he was left with no choice but to defend himself. His father Tom Rittenhouse started a GoFundMe campaign to help the family retain legal defense for Kyle and within a matter of hours the campaign had vanished as you can see in the image below.

New Evidence Shows GoFundMe

Now, remember, GoFundMe does not permit campaigns that support hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind…

So, if you are stopped and questioned by the police and then argue with them, fight with them, pull a knife on them, curse them, and try to just up and leave instead showing them respect and complying with their commands while they conduct an investigation to determine who’s right and who’s wrong and end up getting shot… Well, call me crazy but that seems like a pretty clear violation of the GoFundMe Terms of Communism Service… Ah, did we forget already? Wrap it in racism and paint a Black Lives Matter theme to accompany your cause and GoFundMe will be just fine with what you are doing… Have a look.

New Evidence Shows GoFundMe

I wonder if all those people who donated to Jacob Blake above would have still donated had they known Mr. Blake has admitted to having a knife in his hands and that had been tased with an electric stun gun but continued to resist arrest and was trying to flee the scene with his three young children in the car… Apparently his conduct doesn’t meet any of those hate and violence standards set forth in the GoFundMe Terms of Service…

Now if you are wondering if GoFundMe would permit an organization that is the epitome of hate, violence, and all things despicable to raise money to support the general functions of such an organization spreading hate around the world through intimidation and bullying while the founders stuff their pockets with millions of donated dollars because they are not a legit charitable organization, look no further… Here is the evidence that they will… That they DO!


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New Evidence Shows GoFundMe

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