New Hampshire Teen Suspended For Telling The Truth

New Hampshire Teen Suspended For Telling The Truth

Anything said but the plain truth can be confusing for those without a firm grasp of it. In the current climate of the pronoun wars regarding gender, those who actually buy into the fluidity of sexual nature – male or female or one of the several made-up genders – telling the truth can get a student suspended from school.

Such a thing actually happened to a freshman at a high school in New Hampshire where live free is in the state motto.

Apparently, this freshman, a young man, and his fellow bus ride mates got into a discussion about gender, etc., and the discussion went on after they were all off the bus via text messaging.

The freshman student – only identified as M.P. in court documents – was discussing the difficulty of addressing a non-binary person in Spanish with his friends on the school bus when another student interjected to argue when M.P. replied, ‘There are only genders.’

After the short discussion on the bus, the students engaged in a debate over gender and sexuality in text messages. Those messages were turned into school administrators who suspended M.P. for ‘not respecting pronouns.’

Since when does non-approved grammar result in suspension and not just a correction from a teacher or administrator.

And now, this young man and his mother are suing the school for the suspension.

The lawsuit filed on November 4 in Rockingham Superior Court, and obtained by, said that the one-game suspension of the student in September was in violation of the student’s constitutional right to free speech and the New Hampshire Bill of Rights because he expressed his religious Catholic beliefs.

The student is seeking nominal damages against what the lawsuit defines as New Hampshire School Administrative Unit 16 (SAU16) – a New Hampshire school district that includes Exeter High School in Exeter, Rockingham County – and Exeter High School Assistant Principal Marcy Dovholuk.

Thankfully someone has some sense in this particular mess.

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