New Info On Hunter Biden's Criminal Deals Surface

New Info On Hunter Biden’s Criminal Deals Surface

While Barack Obama occupied the Oval Office, it is known Hunter Biden was up to all sorts of no good with the sons of other politicians. What has not been known is information about his dealings overseas. It has finally trickled out of the crevices of the swamp revealing just how objectionable all of it was.

Emails obtained by show the president’s son teamed up with the former Kazakh prime minister Karim Massimov, now facing charges of high treason, to try to pull off a $120million pipeline deal after similar ventures had faced opposition from Western energy firms.

There is no indication Massimov’s charges are connected to Hunter’s pipeline deal.

One of Hunter’s proposed Kazakh energy deals involved the State China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), one of China’s biggest oil firms.

The company was sanctioned in 2020 and again last year for its alleged involvement in the Chinese government’s ‘coercive behavior in the South China Sea’.

The Daily Mail article includes a number of emails involving Devon Archer, a known associate of Hunter Biden, brokering meetings with members of these companies.

Emails from Hunter’s abandoned laptop show he traveled to Beijing and Kazakhstan to forge a blockbuster oil deal between the two countries in 2014 and 2015.

Hunter brokered the deal on behalf of a Ukrainian gas firm Burisma on whose board he sat.

His role at the firm, owned by an oligarch accused of corruption, is already deeply controversial.

But the involvement of Hunter’s Chinese business partners with Burisma adds a new and troubling dimension to his dealings in Eastern Europe – indicating that he was working on a deal that could indirectly further the energy interests of the Chinese government while hoping to collect millions of dollars for himself.

CNOOC had been trying for years to break into the Kazakh energy market, a strategically advantageous source of oil and gas for China previously dubbed ‘the second Middle East’ by its chief financial officer.

The Chinese oil giant tried to buy a $615 million piece of Kazakhstan’s North Caspian Sea Project from a unit of British gas company BG Group in 2003 but was blocked by a group of Western companies including Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, and TotalFinaElf.

So, the Chinese wanted to dominate the oil market also.
Every time Hunter emails are released more crime and corruption just pile on. We the People are waiting for the next installment.

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